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+ Group Fitness Instructor

In working together we will come to a better understanding of the structure of your body, its center, strengths, and limitations. Through increased connection and knowledge of self we build short term gains into lifelong strength and promote an increased awareness of the power in your body and the way it delivers that power to the world. In my practice with you, what you learn in the gym will extend into your life as we come to understand, together, how best to carry yourself through the activities you perform every day. My duty and joy as your trainer is to go beyond the walls where we meet and understand that the fall you had when you were 12, the child you carried in your arms for over a year, and the time spent swinging a hammer or crunching numbers at your desk has as much to do with our work as the weights we lift together. My goal for myself and my clients is to understand your body in the world, not in the abstract, but as the force of nature that it is.  

I love supporting individuals to move their bodies in a way that is safe, results driven, and fun. I thrive in helping others build their capabilities through creating a space of accountability, trust, and vulnerability.

Specializing in strength training (bodyweight and weighted), exercise modifications, functional training to support activities of daily living, and the development of balanced movement through connection.  All bodies are welcome. 


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Biomechanics Specialist (in progress)

Spinning® Spin Instructor



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