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+ Licensed Massage Therapist

I began strength training in college while playing Softball at Oregon State University, training and competing at one of the highest levels. After graduation I stepped into the fitness world and really began to mold my perceptions of healthy living, realizing that “health” is a complex process that includes the whole body and mind. Included within this complexity is the variability of people. We have different struggles and strengths and triggers and goals. As I continue down this path, I aim to seek as much knowledge as I can to provide the flexibility for my clients to help them through their path, instead of forcing them down a standard path meant for everyone.

My massage style leans toward treatment based therapy. Many refer to it as “hurts so good” while I enjoy calling it “you’ll thank me later” massage. Having been through many years of chronic sports injury to come out on the other side in less pain, I feel passionately about changing perceptions of what massage can do but also see them through to a pain free lifestyle. Through massage I help create pain free mobility. Strength training then works in perfect combination to strengthen the muscles that need to learn to support that body after these changes. My training style incorporates a variety of exercises and techniques that encompass the complexity of movement health working toward making small and steady changes toward any goal the client has their sights set on. The final piece to the puzzle for me thus far is Health Coaching. I aim to guide my clients through their process of finding what helps them achieve the long-term lifestyle they seek. This will heavily focus on finding out what goals will truly help them get where they want to go and taking baby steps to get there and never look back.


Professional Goal: I aim to seek and give the knowledge and support that best helps my clients achieve the healthy lifestyle that allows them to live the lives they want to live.


Bachelors of Science in Exercise + Sports Science

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer | LMT #18825 | ACE Certified Health Coach

Gravity Foundations Certified InstructorCPR/AED + First Aid Certified


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