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+ Powerlifting and Nutrition Coach

My passion for running is what brought me into the fitness industry in 2010. After achieving many running goals and finding myself injured from over training, I turned to strength training. 5 years into my fitness career, I found myself getting out of my comfort zone and began training with a barbell. My passion for weightlifting has lead me to be more confident in my body & open to trying new things. 

I have spent 10 years seeing the positive effects personal and small group training can have on a person’s life.

As a member of the LGBTQ community, my number one priority is to create a safe place for everyone to learn how to love their bodies and move in the bodies they have. Training with me is a shame free zone! I am extremely passionate about bringing strength training and functional fitness to ALL BODIES.

We all deserve to be able to move safely and perform functional movement in our daily lives pain free.  

There is no one fitness formula that works for all. I will help find what works best for you, help you set practical goals & be realistic. If you are looking for a shame free inclusive supportive environment to train in either one on one, with a partner, or in a semi-private setting, I got you!


NASM Certified Group Personal Trainer | USPA Powerlifting Coach|

NPTI Kettlebell Training|AFFA Primary Group Instructor | AFFA Senior Exercise Specialist |Cardio Kickboxing | Yoga Sculpt | Pilates


503-593-6056 |

@formnfunctionpdx |

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