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APRIL 17th - MAY 22nd

What's a Pod WOD?

Pod /päd/ -  a small group of people who agree to (exercise) together.

WOD /wäd/ - workout of the day. 

Get a customized Strength & Mobility workout in a safer environment 

with ME Fitness Movement Specialist ANNE KOSKI

Meet Every Saturday: April 17 - May 22

Two Choices: 9-10 AM or 10:30-11:30 AM

One-Time Cost: $180

- Accepting 6 people per session, with a minimum of 4 required to initiate the series.

- BYO Pod or Join Up with others to create one. 

- ME Fitness Membership is not required to join your Pod WOD

Pod WOD with Anne Koski

Gain Strength, Movement Freedom, and Energy

Do workouts that match your body's needs (not the average of the group's needs)

Receive a weekly accountability boost from your Pod

BONUS RESOURCE: online access to track your progress, look up old workouts, and review demo videos.



Work out with your pod in a private space at ME Fitness  

Get Semi-Private Personal Training for a fraction of the cost

Primary focus will be on building strength and improving mobility

Six weekly sessions based on your current needs

Your own TrueCoach Account

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